Visual Production

Creative Direction

Establishing the purpose, and direction for your content is always going to be the first step, and the cornerstone of the entire production process.


Treatment development, script writing, and all on-site asset acquisitions take place within this stage of the production process.

On-Site Production

The peak of our production process; This stage is where our client's vision begins to truly come to life.

Editing / Distribution

The final step of the production process; Based on the established content strategy, our team creates a distribution plan and we edit accordingly.


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Step 1. Discovery Call

We will meet with you One-on-One to answer any questions and provide information.


Step 2. Establish Desires

A team member will collect very specific information about where you are and where you’d like to be.


Step 3. Send Proposal

A custom proposal will be created to do two things for your company: improve your brand presence and increase customer engagement.


Step 4. Develop a Timeline

Our team will schedule a launch meeting to collect all needed information to set proper expectations and establish a timeline.


Step 5. Implement Strategy

Based on our devised plan, we will exit the drawing board and get the ball rolling in the right direction.


Step 6. Track Results

Watch as your business begins to hit the goals and milestones that have been set. We will meet to discuss key performance indicators, social proof, and gauge customer response levels.

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